Ten Sleep, Wyoming

October 22, 2009 Litter

Rimrock Vacquera (ESCR #) /Toffee/ now lives in Gilbert, Arizona with adoring owner Ginny Baker.

Kay Keziah of North Carolina was thrilled to get Rimrock Drover (ESCR #) /Patriot Blue/.

Matt Davis of Kaycee, Wyoming gets little Rimrock Sadie Lady (ESCR #) .

Rimrock Loose Cinch (ESCR#) /Devon/ is now living in Montana with Debbie Richardson.

 Elton Anson has Rimrock Chisum (ESCR #) to help with 200 head of cattle.

Shane Russell is partnered with Rimrock Colt (ESCR #) /Bogie/ in Othello, Washington.

Colleen Williams is tickled with Rimrock Sage (ESCR#) /Liberty/ in Minnesota.

Sara is attached to Rimrock (ESCR #) /Dillon/ in Black Earth, Wisconsin.

Little Rimrock (ESCR#) /Sprite/ is the buddy of young Marin Stanger of Boise, Idaho.

March 24, 2009 Litter

  Sorry, I have no photo of Buckshot since he left here.

Rimrock Buckshot (ESCR #815) /Joe Henry/ is just over the mountain in Kaycee, Wyoming with Neil DeLapp.


Rimrock Travis (ESCR #813) has his new home in Lance Creek, Wyoming with Barb and Monty Finley.  "He is an aggressive little turkey!! He wants to work cattle already and can't understand why we keep him away for now. He has learned he has a voice and really had a time of it for awhile exploring all the different kinds of barks he could do. He has gotten over that now, thank heavens. LOL. He herds the cats as often as possible. He was terrified of them at first but has gotten fed up with them picking on him so has retaliated. He is so smart!! He is learning so fast. We just love him to death."


Rimrock Shackleton ("Shack", ESCR #811) is now in Big Timber, Montana with rancher Kathy Jones.  Kathy says "Today he visited the vet with the two older dogs - they got shots, he got a treat. Then a visit to the nursing home where my mother is recovering from hip surgery, then back home. My cousin is visiting for a few days and wants a dog just like Shack! Kate and I agree although he is a bit shy, he's not timid and he's very easy-going and calm. After a hyperactive Aussie and a corgi, this is such a gift! He's eating well (especially dried heifer manure) and is a happy, wonderful dog, thank you so much"


Rimrock Apple Jack (ESCR #814 ) /Yankee/ now lives in Livermore, Colorado with Diane and Robert Apple.  "He is just the sweetest boy in the world.  He has adapted pretty good to our house and everyone who comes in contact with him just loves him.  He barks a lot at the cats however, they just ignore him and go about their business.  He has so much energy, we played fetch most of the day on yesterday.  I have attached some photos for you to see how happy he is.  Thanks Again for Jack....we just love him."

  Sorry, no new photos of Molly since she left.

Rimrock Virginian's Molly (ESCR #809) has joined LeAnn Brown and her family of Gillette, Wyoming.  Somewhat of a "repeat" customer, LeAnn's mother owns Rimrock Nick of the 2007 Litter!


Rimrock Josie (ESCR#805 ) /Pearl/ has become Craig Hazelbaker's dog... and joined 2 other English Shepherds in the household.  They live in Grangeville, Idaho.


Rimrock Remington ("Remi", ESCR #807) flew to DeGraff, Ohio to be with the Moore family.


Rimrock Bristol ("Brie", ESCR #806) has joined other English Shepherds belonging to Sarah Budde of Burley, Washington.


Rimrock Raider (ESCR #812) stayed in Wyoming, just over the mountain in Kaycee.  

  Sorry, no new photos of Ramsey.

Rimrock Ramsey (ESCR #808) is in Velva, North Dakota with Kenny Thomas.

  No new photos of Tag.

Rimrock Tagalong of Conifer Hill (ESCR #810) /Red Cloud/ is the buddy of Jim Harris of Lyons, Colorado.

2007 Litter 

Sage, (MKB Laramie Rimrock Sage, ESCR #506) is in Montana to help Twin Wranglers, Kim and Kari Baker with their Mirror KB Apaloosa Ranch.  She is 53 pounds and 20.5" tall.  "When we're fixin' fence she wants to help carry things so we'll give her a hammer an' she'll carry it for us."  Talk about a working partner!  Feel free to check out their blog,
www.mirrorkbranch.com/blog.html  Sage has been spayed.

    No new photos of Doux.
Doux (Rimrock Echoes for LeDoux, ESCR #507) has joined Allen, Caroline, Colt, and Caleb Ferguson of Pinedale, Wyoming.  Helping Allen with the cattle will be his main job, but Doux will have 2 little boys to occupy his time off!  I have not received any updates on Doux.

     No new photos of Booger.
Bobby Gilbank of Pinedale, Wyoming, manages a large cattle grazing association.  Booger  (Rimrock Booger, ESCR #508) /Jade/ "has a natural cattle instinct... trails cattle real well - keeps the corners tucked in.  (She's) my big buddy, never lets me out of her sight."  Booger is about 30 pounds, very "quick and athletic".

Dally gets to stay at Rimrock English Shepherds.  She's got personality, drive, and looks.  You can't beat that in any package!  (Rimrock Rimfire Dally, ESCR #509)  She has her own page

Nick (Rimrock Nick, ESCR #510) /Dice/ is now in Gillette, Wyoming helping the Crump family with cows and grandkids!  He stands 24" tall, 70 pounds.  The Crump's other English Shepherd Penny "was at death's door when we picked up Nick from you.  Now she is doing wonderful.  I think Nick, for some reason, helped her get well from whatever was ailing her."  Nick is has been neutered.

Elle is helping Jerry Orth in Fruita, Colorado with his cattle.  
(Rimrock Elle, ESCR#511) /Tanner/


Breeze (Rimrock Mountain Breeze, ESCR#512) first went to a gentleman who decided later that Breeze (aka KD) was not the dog for him.  It was a personality conflict.  I took her back and rehomed her to one of my neighbors here in Ten Sleep.  "Kay", as she is called now, is loved and happy.  Kay has been spayed.

D now belongs to Bryan Pickeral of Buffalo, Wyoming.  (D's Driftin' Rimrock Cowboy, ESCR #513) /Drifter/  D has been neutered.

Skye is owned by Dr. Katrin Kolder DVM with her clinic, 2 active boys, husband, and cattle near Thermopolis, Wyoming. (Rimrock Morning Skye, ESCR #514)  She is 38 pounds, 18" tall.  She has been spayed.

Billy (Rimrock Billy, ESCR #515) /Coal/ reminds Gene Wegner of Billings, Montana of the English Shepherds he grew up with in Columbus, Montana.  Billy gets to play with grandkids and cattle!  "We love him very much."  He weighs 45#.  Billy is unaltered.

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