Ten Sleep, Wyoming

Lucas - Summer 2012

Lucas, like many English Shepherd puppies, was chosen for me by breeder Mary Peaslee.  This is often done, as the breeder knows the puppy, his abilities, and personality.  After learning what I needed in a stockdog, Mary conscientiously chose which puppy would fit this situation.  Wary of this practice at first, I have become a believer in this style of matchmaking.  Sturdy with great prey drive and a happy personality, but quiet, was how "Otis" was described to me.  It was a perfect match for me!  "Otis" became "Lucas" and became mine!  

English Shepherds need jobs and activity and are best suited to homes where there is action in chores, stock, agility, search and rescue, or even therapy.  I encourage you to investigate this breed thoroughly before you decide to purchase a puppy.  Good breeders will investigate you as well!


Lucas, age 8 wks., b. 4/30/06                                Lucas, age 4, 2/17/10

Lucas is registered with United Kennel Club, the English Shepherd Club Registry, and for two years was registered with Therapy Dogs, Inc. of Cheyenne, Wyoming.  He has earned his Canine Good Citizenship certificate.  He is MDR1 tested as normal/normal.  His hips cannot be tested due to an accident.  He is available for stud to approved females.

                 Summer 2015

Lucas led a life of fun and games until his seventh month...when, tragically, we ran over him.  HIs pelvis was seriously broken...and he had nerve damage in his front left leg.  Knowing I had an exceptional dog, I opted for an operation and with the help of Dr. Ken Brown, Animal Clinic of Billings, Montana and 6 pins, 2 screws, a plate, and some wire... Lucas started a program of recuperation.  As he was beginning to recover, he developed a "wobble" in his hock.  Fearing that a screw might be pinching his nerve, Lucas underwent surgery again to remove all foreign objects.  He had a long row to hoe... but he has come a long ways from not being able to rise without help to working again as our cowdog.  His spirit has always been positive.  He loves to bite those cows!   Due to his injury and loss of muscle, he has difficulty completing our long trail drives.  He will lay down and shade up until he can manage to catch up with us again.  His mind is always more willing than his body at this point!  The muscles he does have are hard as a rock, compensating for those he lost due to trauma.  It goes without saying, Lucas will never have a OFA or Pennhip score.  Most of his brothers and sisters have had their hips tested, as well as his parents.  If you are interested, I can get their data.

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